Creating Art with Thread

Embroidery has been popular for centuries as a way to create beautiful artwork when there is little else to do, and it continues to be popular today. Women were the ones who used to do all the embroidery, and girls raised in the aristocracy were often taught it as part of their education. Modern life has changed many of mankind’s past endeavors, and this is true with the art of embroidery. It is no longer the sole domain of women, and it can be done with machines as well as by hand.

Creating a home-made piece of art with a cloth and colored threads is relatively easy, and the cross-stitch is one people have used for centuries. This is a basic stitch, and there are others that require advanced learning. For the majority of projects, the cross-stitch is the only one needed. Many modern embroidery kits are based on it, and it remains popular in them today.

While women were usually the ones who practiced this art in the past, men have discovered it is a soothing way to pass time. No longer considered too feminine, they have found there are meditational values to creating art with thread. Many of them often start out with the same kits as women, and they learn how to do a few basic stitches on a colored pattern. Some of them will go on to create their own original pieces, but many are more concerned with the simple act of relaxing while finishing their project.

The sewing machine was an important invention in its time, and its use has been expanded over the years. Commercial sewers have found it profitable to do embroidery work on their machines, and many of their customers are willing to pay handsomely for their output. It is as beautiful as the pieces sewn by hand, but the machine is much faster.